# 3-241                          # 3-239               # 3-240

 $99.00 each—22” tall—All Copper—Choice of  Red—Blue or Green.—Also available in all aluminum.

Glass Topped Rods are for Ornamental use only

More Fancy Lightning Rods—Balls—Ornaments

    Choose any color Ball on all Lightning Rods

  All Lightning Protection Equipment and Fancy Lightning Rods are Made in the USA

NOTE: Some COPPER Fancy Lightning Rod prices may vary due to fluctuating copper prices and available inventory of the items when they were manufactured.

  Simple Elegance

#300, 301 and  #302 Are with plain pointed Tip—All Copper—40” tall  $179.00


#303, #304, #305

 Are with Glass in Sunburst Tip— All Copper 42” Tall $189.00


Choice of color’s

Also available in all Aluminum

If you prefer, you can reverse the arrangement  with the ball under the ornament.

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   # 306  36” Tall $199.00

    # 306  42” Tall $209.00

Available with all copper parts except the animal which is bare or copper colored aluminum.  - Also available in all bare aluminum.

# 307  42” Tall  $189.00

100% Copper or all aluminum.

16” Tall  $119.00

All copper or Aluminum.

# 313  Ceramic Balls  $22.00

                    White or Pale Blue

      (Caps included for 1/2” or 5/8” Rods)

 We have several odd color shapes and sizes– Ask.

# 316 Pendant Caps  $10.00 ea.

Caps are made of Bare Copper or Nickel Plated Copper.

# 317  Solid Brass Pendant Hanger $29.00

Pendant Hanger set made to fit  5/8” rods - Can be made to fit Twisted Rods by special order.

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LEFT: # 318

$179.00   36” Tall with Glass in Sunburst Tip. #A-318 in all aluminum $149.00.


RIGHT: # 319

$209.00    36” Tall— With glass in the Sunburst tip— #A-319 in all aluminum $169.00



All COPPER—Adjustable Base has attached grounding clamp.—Choice any ball and arrow style.

LEFT: # 320

24” Tall  $179.00 All Copper

#A-320 in all aluminum $149.00


RIGHT: # 321

All Copper  18” tall $109.00—#A-321 in all aluminum $79.00


Choice any color Ball

Copper #C202KITE-129.00 with Kite Arrow

36” Tall


#A202 KITE

Looks Great in the Garden

Special: Add these stars ornament to any Lightning Rod on this web site for $20.00 additional—Mention offer on page 5—In Solid Copper, Brass or Aluminum.

Order Toll  Free 877-866-3189

Above: #246  With Copper Rod, Tip and Base $179.00  38” Tall—Choice of Any Color Ball # A-246 In 100% Aluminum (not shown) $149.00—You may substitute with your choice of Any Color Ball and Arrow Style on this web site.—The Rod.—Vane Arrow turns with the Wind.

  Order Toll  Free


  Fax: (410) 734-0215

Email: Jim@LightningRodParts.com

Right: #312-STNSEW $159.00

24” Tall—All Copper                       


in ALL Aluminum $149.00 #A-312-ST-NSEW

#309-B   $79 copper

#A309B  $75 aluminum


Pale opaque blue ball as shown here

is temporarily out of stock.

ABOVE: # 247—16” tall—All Copper $69.00

All Aluminum $65.00

# 308    46” Tall   $199.00 100% copper—or all aluminum.








#322 All Aluminum $199.00

46” tall.

Any Colors

3-1/2” Lexan Balls $8.00

Balls Fit 5/8” and 1/2” rods. Lexan is the same material that car tail lights are made of. Add metal end caps for $6.00 more per ball.

3” Plastic Balls $6.00

Clear Blue, Red and Milk White only fits 1/2” and 3/8” rods.

(End caps not available)

#208-S Mini Balls $29.00 4” x 3-1/4”

If you don’t see it, please call, we probably have it. All Lightning Rods and most parts come in COPPER or ALUMINUM