Whole House Surge Protection for Main Electric panel $79.00  #SYC

Lifetime warranty on the unit plus comes with a $25,000 *Connected equipment warranty.  (See warranty below)

Whole House Manufacturer’s Surge protector warranty—Note: Lightning Rod Parts, LLC is an authorized distributor of this product., however, any warranty claims must be made directly from/with the manufacturer.

Sycom Installation detail

SYCOM’s SYC-120/240-T2 Commercial and Residential Surge Protector is designed for whole house protection on any hardwire application.


SYCOM’s SYC2-120/240T2 Features:

Lifetime Warranty


Connected equipment warranty

C US UL Listed


Surge Current:  100,000  Amps


Clamping Level: Line to ground 150 VRMS


N/G 300 VAC L-L


Response Time 5 Nanoseconds


Installation: Hardwire in parallel onto any two pole breaker such as a breaker for Electric Range/Dryer/AC, etc.


Thermal Fusing with automatic reset.


Enclosure 2-7/8” x 3” x 1-3/8”  - Shipping Weight 2 lb.


Diagnostic Light—MADE IN THE USA

Spike-Ender Coaxial Cable Protection Device #CBL  $ 16.00

Ideal for Protecting:

CATV Converters and Decoders—TV Sets—VCR—Satellite Receivers—Projection TV’s—FM Receivers—Home Entertainment Centers—Video Camera’s and Monitors—Computer Local area Networks.


Spike-Ender provides the most economical and easy way to install surge voltage protection available.



Surge protection attack time: 0.0000001 seconds.

Maximum Surge Current: 5000 Amps.

Maximum surge voltage: Multiply 5000 times ohms of coax loop.

Surge Life; - 200 surges of 500 amps.

Normal Resistance across coax: - 10,000 Meg ohms.

Surge Resistance: - Approx. 0 Ohms.

Power Gassing capability: - 50 Volts DC or AC peak-to-peak. 36 volts RMS 10 Amps.

Insertion Loss: - Less than 0.2db Video-1500 MHZ

Connectors: - One F male—One F female.

Dimensions: 1-385 x 0.815 dia.




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Multi-Use & Telephone Line Surge Protection  # PHN    $ 39.00 — Protects up to two phone lines and/or most low voltage circuits. Key Pads, alarms, gate openers, thermostats, etc.


> Clamping Level: 130 VRMS


> Response time:  5 Nanoseconds


> Power Dissipation: 240,000 VA per

    pair 8x20 MS


> Self restoring after each surge within ratings


> Lead Wires:  1’ long


> 16 AWG Ground Wire 2’ long. (Made in USA)

                                                                     PHN  Installation Instructions

> At the outside telephone box, install the suppressor inside the box or let it hang by the wires outside the box in a wet proof location.


> Connect the large green wire to the telephone ground terminal or any good ground. Sometimes the electrical ground is nearby and you can connect to it.


> Each telephone line has two wires, they will be either Red and Green and/or Black and yellow.


> There are 4 small wires on the suppressor. One pair for one phone line and the other to the second line (if you have one).


> There is no polarity to the suppressor wires. You can connect any of the suppressor wires to the phone lines in any order.


> Keep the wire as short as possible and avoid sharp bends and kinks in the suppressor wires.

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